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Wholistic Body Solutions, LLC

      Promoting Health & Wellness through Healing Hands


Reiki Master Certification

April 29 - May 1st

Tuition for training: early bird $1000; $1100 after 4/13/22

We would love for you to join us in this upcoming Reiki Master teacher training! This teacher training includes both levels 3 and 4 (Advanced and Master). Upon completion, each practitioner graduates with their certification as a Holy Fire III Reiki Master Teacher. With this certification, you will have the ability to attune and certify levels 1 through Master of Holy Fire III Reiki.

The experiences within this training give us the ability to release conditioning that no longer serves us. The ignition processes begin to awaken the true authentic self within us. Once Holy Fire is ignited throughout the body and being, it continues to expand over time, there is no limit to expansion! This training is very deeply healing and awakening for all levels of body, mind, and spirit. Holy Fire Reiki also melds beautifully to expand and empower all aspects of life - work life, other meditation or healing practices, family life, etc.

Prerequisite for this training:

Certification of any lineage of Usui Reiki level 2.

Within this training Practitioners will receive:

- Several Holy Love Experiences

- One level 3 Placement/ Attunement

- A deep cleansing Healing in the River of Life Experience

- 4 Holy Fire Reiki Master Ignitions (the ignitions are specific in igniting the Holy Fire flame within various parts of the body, mind, spirit)

- 2 Master symbols are ignited

- Holy Fire Healing Experience

- Movement Meditation & Holy Fire meditation

- Training for integrating stones and crystals as tools in your practice

- Instruction on business, ethics, and teaching classes

- Practice, Practice, Practice! Giving and receiving healing treatments with new tools!

Instructors: Jennifer Rydlinski and Sandra Vanatko

For questions about trainings you may call/text: 817-901-8786; email us at: [email protected]

OR register for this course online at:

Join Jennifer for an evening of nourishing Kundalini practice, along with a healing Holy Fire Reiki and Gong experience.

Jennifer’s passion and expertise lies in the healing arts, she is an Upledger Certified Craniosacral Therapist and Licensed Massage Therapist, specializing in Somato-Emotional release work, and Reiki Healing. She also loves teaching regular weekly Kundalini Yoga classes at our neighboring business, Indra’s Grace Yoga, in which she weaves her passion for the consciousness of human anatomy within her yoga teachings to help students be able to connect and form an alliance with their own Inner Wisdom. Inspiring and empowering students to understand the relationships that live inside of their own body tissues so that they may travel along their own healing journey with more ease, feelings of inner connectedness, wisdom, love, and peace.

Investment: $35 early bird (through April 30) | $45 regular price

Reiki certification with

Jennifer Rydlinski, 

CST-T, LMT, RYT, Karuna Reiki Master teacher

Reiki Level 1 & 2 Certification

What is Reiki? 

Reiki is a Healing Art that works by raising the frequency in the tissues of the physical body as well as mind and spirit, promoting our natural cleansing abilities. The technique is administered through a light touch by the hands of the practitioner. Reiki is appropriate for all areas in one’s life where healing is needed, whether it is physical, spiritual, mental, or emotional in nature. This class is perfect for anyone wishing to increase their spiritual connection to the universe and explore methods of facilitating healing for themselves and others. Reiki has been used to help heal a wide range of ailments including anxiety, depression, chronic pain syndromes, sleep disorders, emotional difficulties, traumas, and so much more! Reiki can be used alone as its own healing method, but it also blends beautifully with many other styles and methods of healing.

What will you learn? The training consists of lectures, guided meditations, and hands-on practice time. Each student will receive as well as administer Reiki sessions. Students receive hand-outs, class manual, 2 attunements, and certification as a Second degree Reiki Practitioner by the end of class on the last day.

No prerequisite is required for this training, anyone may learn!

Led By: 

Jennifer Rydlinski, LMT, CST-T, RYT, Karuna Reiki Master

Jennifer brings 9 years experience of working with Reiki healing and other bodywork modalities into her teachings. She began her journey as a professional bodyworker in 2012, learning Reiki in 2013 and continuing her education in other mind-body-spirit teachings throughout the years. Opening up Wholistic Body Solutions wellness center in 2015 in Weatherford, TX, she now serves as not only a therapist of the healing arts, but also a mentor and teacher to other therapists and practitioners in this field and has expanded to opening a second location for Wholistic Body Solutions in Jacksboro, TX. She began her work with Indra's Grace Yoga studio in 2016 where she then expanded her bodywork knowledge into Yogic studies. With Indra's Grace, she is grateful to serve as a Kundalini Yoga teacher each week and hold space for yearly Reiki training. Jennifer is a certified Reiki Master through the International Center of Reiki Training and has been teaching certification courses for Reiki students of every level since 2015. She has a deep love for this work and is passionate about sharing this wisdom and promoting healing for the greater good of humanity. 

for further questions and to register, 

call/text: 817-901-8786

Or register online:

Applied VitaFlex Class

Next Offering TBD

VitaFlex is a term coined by Stanley Burroughs from the phrase "Vitality through the Reflexes."

VitaFlex is a specific hands on technique that combines the application of essential oils along specific reflex points/ nerve pathways on the body. The molecules in essential oils carry healing structure & frequency. This technique is administered via healing touch and the power of the oils which promotes clearing blocked or 'stuffy' nerve pathways. This class includes lecture, anatomy overview, science behind the healing technique, and practice! Oils will be provided for practice!

Reiki Kids'

Next Offering TBD

Children are our future! Our job is to help get them started on their path to health, healing, and balance. Learning Reiki is one of the best ways they can begin this process. Reiki teaches children to be more confident, peaceful, and happier in life. It eases children through the stresses of life's situations. They learn to trust their abilities & intuition. Some more benefits of receiving Reiki include but are not limited to:

-enhances relaxation and sleep

-Improves concentration

-Promotes creativity

-Gives children a way to deal with the stresses of growing up

After taking this class, your child will be able to practice Reiki on him or herself & also give Reiki sessions to others including pets :)! This class typically lasts 3 hours & for kids ages 4-12. There will be plenty of hands on practice & lots of fun activities. We will also provide healthy snacks and drinks.

For questions and to register, 

call/text 817-901-8786

or register online:

Introduction Into Meditation

Investment $40

Mind Power! Did you know that inside of your self is the key to peace & happiness? Meditation is widely recognized as a preventative health care. Through meditation we can harness the power of mind to help us lead happy & fulfilling lives. Meditation is for Everyone, this is a beginner meditation class!

Some benefits of meditation include but are not limited to:

-promotes a sense of well-being

-promotes inner peace, stability, and calm

-increases the body's immune function

-decreases pain & inflammation

-helps develop Intuition

-helps release subconscious fears & blocks

-promotes clarity of mind & the ability to be present

-deceases stress & anxiety by helping resolve core issues of stress producing patterns

-develops Brain Power! Increasing grey matter in the brain

-improves creativity

We will go over simple science of our human physiology & how meditation affects this physiology. And we will practice simple meditation techniques that can benefit us in our daily lives. Take home information will be provided :)

Equine Raindrop Technique

Investment: $60

Equine Raindrop Technique is a modality that uses a combination of essential oils and holistic techniques to bring harmony back to the horse's body.

The benefits of equine raindrop are the same as humans. But there are specific horse conditions that holistic vets have been using Raindrop for very successfully. Here are a few:

  • Addresses the emotional and physical well being of the horse
  • Prevent and combat occasional sore muscles before and after exercise, training, or competition
  • Complements other modalities such as acupuncture, craniosacral, and chiropractor treatment
  • Provide Immune system support* which is so important during shipping and competition
  • Help release toxins (emotional and physical)
  • Other horses around the barn will love the smell of the essential oils!
  • Healthy horses are less prone to injury, enjoy their work and perform better on all levels.

We will go over oil constituents, chemistry, and how these work in the body of the horse. We will have hands on practice of techniques. There will be take home information but it is always a good idea to take your own notes :).

Human Aura & Chakra system class

Investment $60

Three hour Introduction class to our aura & chakra system! Surrounding and interpenetrating our physical body is a pulsating electromagnetic energy field that is described either as a rainbow like aura, a luminous light body, also known as the Subtle Body. Scientists can measure the human electromagnetic field close to our skin which is often seen in dim light as a fine golden glow around a person. Each layer of the aura represents a different part of the person’s consciousness with the inner layer connected to the physical body, followed by higher layers associated with emotional, mental, and spiritual levels of consciousness. The aura is created by all of your thoughts and feelings, both conscious and non conscious as well as the energies flowing through the physical body. Your state of health is reflected in the aura. Disturbances in the auric field if left un-treated will eventually manifest as disease in the physical body. Healing any imbalance in the aura will assist the body to resist illness. The subtle body/energetic body interacts with our physical body by flowing through concentrated spirals of energy. These spirals or wheels of energy are known as ‘Chakras.’ Join us in learning about this part of ourselves! We will discuss the simple science behind these systems, how our emotions affect our subtle body & physical body, each chakra and how it is connected into our physical body, we will practice meditation to help us connect with this part of ourselves, and much more!

Essential Oils Beginner Class - Free Class!

Join us in learning about the oils that have been used for thousands of years for healing and therapeutic purposes. We will go over simple science & history of essential oils, and safety on how to use them properly for yourself and your loved ones. This is a FREE come and go educational class, we will be discussing Young Living therapeutic grade essential oils feel free to bring anyone you'd like to share this information with. We will have take home information and refreshments.

Teaching this class is Jennifer Rydlinski, Licensed Massage Therapist, CranioSacral Therapy Practitioner, Reiki Master, Certified Yoga Teacher, and trained in Aromatherapy through C.A.R.E. (Center for Aromatherapy Research and Education).

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