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We believe in our body as one whole piece, that everything inside our body & being is connected.

When one part of us is out of alignment, it can create imbalance elsewhere in us. The ability to self-heal that we possess is amazing, but over time, life, stress, and injury can weigh us down where we can find ourselves stuck bodily, mentally, and spiritually.

At Wholistic Body Solutions we practice listening to the body with our sense of touch, and through the utilization of advanced bodywork techniques, we can help restore balance, range of motion, eliminate pain, and find peace of mind.


      Promoting Health & Wellness through Healing H​​ands

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❄️❄️December Special ❄️❄️

✨Reiki Massage✨

50 Min - $75

80 Min - $115

In these treatments, Swedish massage and Reiki Healing are seamlessly woven together to support your physical body, mind, and spirit through it’s healing process

To learn more about reiki healing & Swedish massage, click on the Services tab!

Aromatherapy, CBD cream, Vitaflex, & the BioMat that can be added on to most sessions! 🤍

❤️Call/Text: (817) 901-8786



 ‼️New Service Alert‼️

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We are So EXCITED to announce the launch of our Wholistic Facials with Victoria Nearn!

Our customized Wholistic Facials feature ROWE CASA, which is an all natural product line that uses ingredients such as jojoba, aloe, vitamin c, glycerin, vitamin e, and therapeutic grade essential oils.

During the facial session: 
Our licensed esthetician, Tori, will cleanse, exfoliate, extract, and hydrate the skin.  Leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvented!!
This treatment aslo includes Rowe Casa's detox mask, to help draw out impurities in the skin.  While masking, you'll receive arm and hand massage.

Exclusively at our Weatherford location!

To Book

Call/Text: (817) 901-8786


Click HERE!


Discover the secret to ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation with our incredible massage gel – a heavenly fusion of pure organic ingredients and powerful herbal blend. 

We are passionate about the art of healing, and we are dedicated to crafting exceptional care for our clients every day. Discover the power of our carefully chosen massage gel, where even the tiniest details make a mighty difference in your journey towards rejuvenation. 

Hey, Wholistic Newbies!

Check out this video to see what to expect on your first visit!

Upcoming Events/Classes

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Sign up HERE

To Book: Scroll to the top & 

Click on the 'Classes' Tab under online booking!


To Book: Scroll to the top & 

Click on the 'Classes' Tab under online booking!

Sign up HERE

Sign up HERE

Therapist Specials

When COVID hit hard, we began recording short 2-10min free self-help videos

to help the community deal with new daily struggles.

We've now added these videos onto an archive right here onto our website!!!

You can access this archive for FREE, anytime!!

Visit our Self-Help video archive by clicking here!

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$10 off new client's first session

$10 off service for senior citizens

$10 off all services for veterans and first responders

(Fire, Police, EMT's)


Loyalty Cards!

buy any 5 regular priced 60 or 90min sessions and receive a

$25 gift certificate to keep for yourself or give to a loved one.

Weatherford Location

131 W. Church St. #400

Downtown Weatherford

Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork appts


8am-8pm, 7 days a week


Booking Options:

Call/Text: (817) 901-8786


Book Online (click here),


Store & Apothecary in Weatherford OPEN shopping hours:

10am - 8pm, Tuesday-Friday

10am - 6pm, Saturday & Monday

Jacksboro Location

115 East Archer Street

Downtown Jacksboro

Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork appts available:

10am - 8pm Thursday-Saturday


Booking Options:

Call/Text: (817) 901-8786


Book Online (click here)


Store & Apothecary in Jacksboro OPEN shopping hours:

12-8 pm Thursday

12 - 8pm, Friday

10am - 4pm, Saturday

"Take Care of Your Body, It's the Only Place You Have to Live." -Jim Rohn

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