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We believe in our body as one whole piece, that everything inside our body & being is connected.

When one part of us is out of alignment, it can create imbalance elsewhere in us. The ability to self-heal that we possess is amazing, but over time, life, stress, and injury can weigh us down where we can find ourselves stuck bodily, mentally, and spiritually.

At Wholistic Body Solutions we practice listening to the body with our sense of touch, and through the utilization of advanced bodywork techniques, we can help restore balance, range of motion, eliminate pain, and find peace of mind.


      Promoting Health & Wellness through Healing H​​ands

-Restorative Massage for the Mamas-
50min: $75
80min: $115

Come on in, let yourself relax & receive this body & mind
therapeutic massage treatment.


Restorative massage promotes healthy blood pressure, and calms the nerves and the whole nervous system, in turn bringing peace to the mind. This treatment also helps the body tissues let go of accumulated stress and toxins, supports a healthy immune system, and has many other benefits, bringing a sense of harmony to the body & mind.

We love our mamas!




❤️Call/Text: (817) 901-8786


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🤩 New Practitioners🤩

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 🌟 Meet Kelsea! 🌟
Have you ever sat in front of the ocean, watched the waves, and felt the movement through your body? If you pay close attention, everything around us is moving. The ebb & flow of life has sparked my interest for as long as I can remember. Energy is designed for movement; without that movement comes Illness or dis-ease. My purpose as a practitioner is to create an environment so that my client's body can achieve energetic movement toward balance without disrupting the natural chemistry of the body. 

In my free time, I enjoy being out in nature with my family and the warm sunshine! I am a busy mama of two amazing young children. I love plants, animals, music, decorating my home, and socializing with my friends and community. I truly admire this beautiful creation that we get to live in every day. It brings me great joy and fulfillment to be in the presence of like-minded individuals who value healing

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Call/Text: (817) 901-8786


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Isa Detienne

Licensed Massage Therapist

Reiki Practitioner


Isa grew up in Dallas, TX, and has always been curious about people. Why do we feel the way we feel? Why do we experience life the way that we do? She found herself curious about these questions through the subjects of psychology and anthropology in college. During this time, she also discovered yoga and meditation as powerful ways to delve deeper into understanding awareness and the self. Yoga led her to explore Reiki I & II, and through Reiki healing, she became interested in the healing power of touch. She then studied massage therapy at Hands On Approach in Dallas, and has been offering massage and bodywork for the last two years. Recently she took CranioSacral 1 and is excited to start incorporating this therapeutic method in her work. 
She is ecstatic about joining the Wholistic Body Solutions family! 

Isa is available in Weatherford for the following Services: 

  • Swedish Massage

  • Couples Massage

  • Aromatherapy Massage

  • Reiki Massage

  • Reiki Healing

  • Wholistic Custom

  • Craniosacral Therapy

  • Chair Massage

  • Deep Tissue Swedish Massage

  • Therapeutic Thirty-Minute Massage

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Call/Text: (817) 901-8786


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💚 Small changes lead to a greater outcome 💚

Stop by & check out our shops for a variety of health & wellness products!

Hey, Wholistic Newbies!

Check out this video to see what to expect on your first visit!

Upcoming Events/Classes

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Call/Text: (817) 901-8786



Call/Text: (817) 901-8786 to Sign up for a FREE Discovery
call with Jenna for education on her services
for Prenatal/Birth/Lactation Support!

Therapist Recognition

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When COVID hit hard, we began recording short 2-10min free self-help videos

to help the community deal with new daily struggles.

We've now added these videos onto an archive right here onto our website!!!

You can access this archive for FREE, anytime!!

Visit our Self-Help video archive by clicking HERE!

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$10 off New Client's First Session

$10 off Service for Senior Citizens

$10 off All Services for Veterans & First Responders

(Fire, Police, EMT's)


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Buy any 5 regular priced 60 or 90min sessions and receive a

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Weatherford Location

131 W. Church St. #400

Downtown Weatherford

Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork appts


10am-6pm - Monday & Saturday

10am-8pm - Tuesday-Friday

Appt. Only - Sunday


Booking Options:

Call/Text: (817) 901-8786


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Jacksboro Location

115 East Archer Street

Downtown Jacksboro

Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork appts


12pm-7pm Thursday & Friday

Every Other Saturday


Booking Options:

Call/Text: (817) 901-8786


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"Take Care of Your Body, It's the Only Place You Have to Live." -Jim Rohn

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